Tax reporting, statutory accounting and compliance are becoming very important when running a business. Companies are struggling to manage business operations and meet all the statutory requirements. This will increase the risk of compliance failures and limit time for business management. Thus, we are here to support your tax compliance requirements and then to avoid penalties and legal hassles.

Our Approach

We are using our experience and expertise of providing tax compliance services to deliver an excellent customer services for our clients.

We do:

  • Analyze the required tax compliance to your business
  • Discuss with client’s management where tax planning is required to minimize your tax liabilities
  • Compute income taxes based on your audited financial statements
  • Prepare income tax returns and submit to the Department of Inland Revenue
  • Review the Income tax returns by the Manager for quality assurance before submitting to Department of Inland Revenue
  • Liaise with the tax authority if any correspondence required to be carried out

You focus on your business; Let us focus on your VAT and NBT thereby your time and money are saved without a waste. It may be a cumbersome process for you or your staff to prepare VAT and NBT. So, our expertise will help easing your compliance requirements.

Our Approach

  • We obtain an understanding about your business operations and volume
  • We assign an experienced Associate or consultant of our firm to look after your regular VAT and NBT compliances
  • Compute VAT and NBT liabilities
  • Preparation of VAT and NBT returns
  • Reviewed by the Tax Manager for quality assurance
  • Liaise with the tax authority if any correspondence required to be carried out

Tax planning exercise is carried out to minimize tax liability through the best use of all available allowances, deductions, exclusions, exemptions, etc. to minimize your tax liabilities. There could be hidden provisions in tax laws, and errors in accounting classifications which you did not consider when computing taxes, thereby, you could have paid extra taxes.

Of course, you should not change your financial behavior solely to avoid taxes. Effective tax planning strategies are those that allow you to do what you wish while reducing tax bills along the way. Benefits of good tax planning are arguably more valuable to our clients.

Our Approach

We do obtain a thorough understanding of your business via studying the business operations. Our tax consultants will analyze methodically the taxation policies, rules and regulations that would be beneficial for the client’s business operations. Finally, our recommendations will be provided, thereby you will be benefited financially and otherwise. 

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