Nowadays, businesses must focus more on their core business processes for improved potency and productivity than spending time on business supportive services such as accounting process and procedures. Consequently, we are specialized to deliver a sophisticated, hassle free, and a customized APO solution, JUST FOR YOU!

Our Approach

Firstly, we assess your needs on APO. We do undertake entire recordkeeping functions under our responsibility. Our core business is to record every transaction on daily basis to keep your accounting data up-to-date. Your accounting system is always updated and ready to generate any reports including periodical financial statements at any time.


  • Productivity Booster
    • Our experienced, skilled & client orientated team dedicated to perform tasks better than anyone making it possible to reach your goal, faster than ever
  • Accelerated Human Resource
    • No need to worry on EPF, ETF, PAYE or any kind of a statutory payment with APO
  • Focus on Your Potential
    • Our APO service will enable you to focus on your core business operations while we manage and oversee your financials. Let us do the hard work!
  • Cost Curtailing
    • Our transparent pricing will enable you to cut your operational cost and increase your -profit margins. We can help you to have a better understanding of your organization’s financial health as our analysis of financial data is supported by qualified Chartered Accountants

We provide a comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting service to our valued clients. It may be monthly/quarterly and/or annual record keeping according to your requirement.

All companies registered under Sri Lanka Companies Act No 7 of 2007 should maintain proper books of accounts. Process of bookkeeping not only facilitates day-to-day account maintenance and drafting of financial reports for the submission of annual tax returns to the Inland Revenue, but also for the effective financial management of the company.

Our Approach

We provide our experienced accounting Associates to clear your accounting backlog. We assess the work volume of accounts pile up to manage the time properly. We record your historical transactions on one by one basis. All necessary ledger accounts are properly maintained; and monthly bank reconciliation statements are prepared. Finally, periodic draft financial statements are prepared and reviewed by managers to assure the quality reporting. We do understand the importance of preparing your books of accounts in a timely and reliable manner. We do plan, execute, review and submit your draft financial statements on time for management and audit purposes.

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