A research conducted by us found that many failed businesses (more than 80%) haven’t reviewed their business performance. Similarly, more than 95% successful businesses had reviewed their business performance regularly.

BPR service will enable our clients to avoid risk of business failure that could occur at any time in business cycle.

In most of the cases, the management of organizations does not intend to analyze the financial data generated from daily transactions due to various reasons. Therefore, as corporate consultants, we undertake compressive business performance reviews using financial data. Clients will be more focused on business matters with BPR and enjoy so many benefits.

What is BPR

Are you alert to the following aspects of the business?

  • How well you can understand the different variations of turnover, costs and profit margins?
  • Do you know the monthly financial requirement to run the business operations?
  • How much of your liquid assets are held in inventory or receivables?
  • Do you have a clear insight of your company’s last month performance?
  • Do you aspire to initiate business expansion or diversification?
  • Do you waste the capacity to expand or ignore underlying burning issues?
  • When was the last time you did a detailed review of the financial statements? Is it a regular practice?
  • Are you content with the current business performance?
  • Are you expecting further improvements to your

The Solution – Business performance Review (BPR)

Business Performance Review (BPR)

  • An independent, systematic and comprehensive review of the business processes are undertaken on monthly/quarterly basis
  • BPR is performed by specialist consultancy team
  • BPR focuses on reviewing the financial information of your business

Through BRP, our consultancy team can assist you,

  • To have a clear insight of the financial aspects of your company
  • To review the financial performance of your business on regular basis to make the top management perceive the existing business behavior versus expected standards of business behavior
  • To provide possible business outcomes through logical and analytical review of the current business operations

Who needs BPR?

BPR will be beneficial for,

  • Business owners who are distant from their business
  • Business owners who have diversified businesses
  • Companies that do not review financial performance regularly
  • Companies that do not have a proper financial review mechanism
  • Companies that are expecting to expand/ diversify their existing business
  • Loss making and cash-crunch companies

A well-designed company structure provides a clear and consistent blueprint for how resources are organized and operated to achieve company's overall goals. Many corporate researches indicate that companies with strong company structures are four times more likely to achieve sustained and profitable growth over the time.

Our consulting teams partner with clients to help them design and implement company structure including accounting and internal control systems.

Our Approach

  • A comprehensive study of our client’s business operations will be carried out by our consultants
  • An appropriate company structure will be generated after careful study of the business operations
  • Design suitable accounting and internal control systems 

Recommendations would be provided to make necessary changes to the existing company structure.

If you’re facing an opportunity to buy or sell a business, you need an advice from a consultant who will take the time to understand your business objectives and provide a fair and honest assessment of the affairs of the buyout.

We are here to assist you in the financial and tax due diligence process. We’ll help to pinpoint possible risks of the buyouts and/or position your assets more favorably to buyers.

Our Approach

  • A detailed analysis of operational, social and financial situation of the company our client wishes to purchase will be undertaken by our consultants
  • A comprehensive study focusing our scope of work will be carried out
  • Detail discussions with the client and other stakeholders will be carried out
  • Analyze the related risks of the buyout company and provide recommendation to our client to avoid them
  • A report will be submitted to the management with recommended options in relation to the acquisition

Provide assistance to the Client at meetings and negotiations during the acquisition process.

A feasibility study is vital to make decisions in relation to the projected success from the financial and non-financial perspectives of a proposed concept, project or business plan. We intend to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats a given project may present with regards to the available resources in a given environment ultimately determining the success or failure of the potential project.

We provide analysis and recommendations of projects, business start-up, new business ideas and other opportunities to develop your business, which can add value to your existing businesses and markets; and on-going project management to make the dream a reality.

Our Approach

Our feasibility studies are objectively analyzed based on both quantitative and qualitative data, enabling our client to investigate the measured potential outcomes of a project before investing too much time and money, thus, reducing risk significantly.

We undertake in depth market research to achieve optimal results and identify most appropriate marketing opportunities. We address market demand and growth trends, supply and pricing trends, economic and sector overview, competitive analysis and market share etc. when undertake feasibility studies for potential projects of our clients.

Our comprehensive report including financial projections will assist the client to gage the business risks thereby potential risks and rewards shall be recognized early. Our report will be based on the need, why the client needs the feasibility study. Thus, the report is solely purpose orientated thereby client’s needs are met successfully.

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