A statutory audit is a scientific study, which is made mandatory by law. We are qualified auditors and our objective is to provide an independent opinion of financial statements. Our audit process encompasses high level of ethical practices which enables our professionals to carry out their work with competence.

Our commitment towards continues developments in audit services is evidential through the improvements we have made in quality reporting.

We serve our clients with maximum commitment in meeting various requirements set by legal and government authorities.

Our partners and assisting professionals at SCB Corporate are well trained to look closely all aspects of financial reporting so that we can isolate risks and work on mitigating such risks.

Our internal audit strategies are objective focused thereby our clients will obtain maximum results from our internal audit process. Our internal audit process is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. Our creativity in internal audits helps an organization to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

It is expected by the management, those charges with governance and other personnel that an Internal Audit provides a reasonable assurance for the achievement of reliable financial reporting, efficient and effective operations and compliance with laws and regulations. Therefore, our Internal Audit team ensures that the strong wings of controls are at your organization to survive the company for a foreseeable future.

Our Approach

We are contemporizing the Internal Audit (IA) practices through innovation and strategic approaches that help business leaders turn insight into foresight. We learn on innovation to deliver results with more accuracy, efficiency and value; and seamlessly coordinate resources to deliver a tailored output to our clients.

Your business environment grows increasingly complex, that is why our internal audit functions are turning to business analytics. By focusing on continuous monitoring and continuous auditing, supervision, our internal audit analytics specialists can help your organization improve your processes in order to mitigate, avoid and detect business and control risks.

Our team is keen to do,

  • Test past events and transactions to determine whether previous actions are in compliance with policies, procedures, laws and regulations
  • Regularly analyze and review control reports generated by a system and provide a level of assurance that supports stakeholder confidence that everything is under control at all times
  • Reviews the business processes for effectiveness and efficiency which can lead to improve the business
  • Apply ongoing monitoring and review methods and makes the process of identifying and managing risk more reliable and resilient

Our expertise in Forensic audit helps you to prevent, detect and correct your risk in frauds and corruptions. A fraud could be a cleaver or otherwise, but our expertise and investigative approach discovered cleaver frauds which were committed by Management and Employees. In our investigations individual or company financial records as an investigative measure that attempts to derive evidence suitable for use in litigation.

Our Approach

Our approach in forensic audit will vary from client to client depending on the nature and objectives of the audit. However, meetings with client will help us to obtain an understanding on the nature of the forensic audit, its implicit impact, and mainly –the intention of the forensic audit.

It is often useful to carry out a preliminary investigation prior to the development of a detailed plan of action.  This will allow subsequent planning to be based upon a more complete understanding of the issues.

Upon the initial study, a detailed audit plan that is inclusive of all the areas that the investigations should be undertaken will be prepared.

In this planning phase, our strategic approach is designed extensively to detect, and gather conclusive evidence to prosecute person/s who is/are responsible for defrauds. Upon the planning, we begin our investigation in order to gather relevant evidences to support lawsuits. 

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